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Acme Motori was born from an idea of Professor Fortunato Boghetto, during 1902-1967, in Valdobbiadene (Italy), with important experiences in Fiat. It has contributed significantly to spreading motorization in agriculture, revolutionizing work done for centuries, with only rudimentary tools and animals.

During the seventies and eighties, the company reached impressive levels of production, building more than 50,000 engines a year, exporting approximately 65%, returning to Valdobbiadene.

In 1999, it was acquired by Lombardini and the conclusion of this company came in 2007, when Kohler absorbed Lombardini.

Comercial Méndez has a large range of Acme Motori spare parts, such as cylinders, pistons, gasket sets, seals, connecting rods, bearings, filters, etc.

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