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What is an electromagnet and what is it used for?

An electromagnet what is it?

Electromagnets are very used magnet types due to their magnetic properties and their multiple use possibilities. They are constantly present in our environment, both in our home and in our workplace.

In 1825 the Englishman William Sturgeon (1783-1850) did the experiment to roll 18 spiras of conductor thread around a sweet iron bar. By connecting the ends of the cable to a battery, a magnetic field was created and it was able to lift a weight that was 20 times greater than its own. Thus was born the first electromagnet, a magnet powered by electricity.

An electromagnet is characterized on the one hand, by its magnetic effect and on the other hand by relying on a power supply. If it is disconnected from the power source, its magnetic field disappears. The intensity of the magnetic field and therefore the electromagnet is regulated directly by the current. This type of magnets have high power and moderate energy consumption. They are available in various shapes and sizes for a wide range of applications and uses.

There are several types of electromagnets:

  1. The resistive electromagnet: They are composed of a conductor thread that is usually made of copper rolled around an iron core. A magnetic field is generated thanks to the circulation of electric current. This type of magnet requires enough electrical consumption and usually generates reheating.
  2. The superconductor electromagnet: The most powerful magnets are manufactured with superconductor cable coils, hence its name “superconductors”. The use of magnets produced by superconductor coils reduces mechanical losses in the production of alternative energies.
  3. The hybrid electromagnet: are a combination of resistant magnets and superconductors. Scientists build a resistive magnet within a superconductor magnet to create a high-power magnet!

Applications of an electromagnet:


As discussed above, an electromagnet can have many uses and can be used on various devices, tools and systems. Here are some examples of applications:

  • Security and transport: Locking devices, automatic or firewall doors. Lifts and lifts: sensors, stairs, ramps or signaling and transport equipment.
  • Packaging and packaging: machinery for labelling and automatic packaging or dispensers.
  • Medicine: radiology, dialysis, dosing or artificial breathing apparatus.
  • Robotics and machinery: industrial robots, motors, presses, appliances, textile machinery and industrial furnaces.

In Comercial Méndez we have a wide range of electromagnets specific to industrial engines. These electromagnets are used for automatism, such as industrial engine control, stop, acceleration, starter, etc. We have standard electromagnets for measurements and power, or electromagnets for specific motor models like Lombardini, Ruggerini, Kohleretc.

Do you need more information on this subject? Don't hesitate to write to us! We'll be happy to be able to advise you.

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