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Globalization offers us the possibility of acquiring products manufactured anywhere in the world, in our country and for a most competitive price. The work of the official distributors of the brands that exist around the world allows us to access all these products respecting the prices and keeping all their guarantees.

For this reason, we must always become aware and look for the official distributors of our favorite brand. For example, if you are looking for original spare parts or brand industrial engines Kholer, Lombardini and HatzWe propose to trust you. In Comercial Méndez we have been working for decades, collaborating and distributing products from the best and most reliable brands in the sector so that you can purchase what you need with total guarantee and tranquility.

And it's just that, only if you have official suppliers like us. You will also have the guarantee of the brand at all times and will be backed by a team of professionals who will solve your doubts and help you get the most out of the products you have purchased.

Remember to bet with an official dealer like us, is to bet on quality trade and it is, how not, to support for the local trade that works for growing and offering the products that your customers look for are from where they are thanks to the international and commercial agreements for which they work day by day.

Find in our online store your favorite brands, consult our advisors, acquire the original spare parts or industrial engines that you are looking for and make your purchases with the guarantee offered by brands like Kholer, Lombardini and Hatz and the confidence that suppliers like Commercial Méndez provide you.

Trust your official distributors and value the work of all those companies and people who, like you. They have learned with experience and intense work in a sector like this that quality in that type of parts, spare parts and engines is a guarantee that everything goes on wheels.What do you need?

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